Monday, February 22, 2010

God's Power Couple

Are you and your spouse a Power Couple? Perhaps when you hear that term you think of Barack and Michelle, Jay-Z and Beyonce or even the Brad and Angelina kind of couples. And while they are certainly powerful couples, they've achieved that status because they possess great financial wealth, political finesse or social status.

Not too long ago, I expressed anniversary well wishes to a dear friend and her husband. She chuckled at the thought of being a "power couple" but my sentiments were most sincere. I had seen them weather many storms in their relationship and come through good and bad times because of the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives individually and and collectively.

I think God would define Power Couples differently. They would look more like Boaz and Ruth or Abraham and Sarah. God's power couples would be known for the ability to pray together and love unconditionally. They would exude power because of their obedience to God, their powerful personal prayer lives and enduring commitment to each other.

Being a power couple does not happen because you've acquired great wealth or fame but because you have the greatest treasure of all - Jesus Christ. A couple in Christ is extremely powerful and able together to do "exceedingly and abundantly" above all that they ask or think according to the power of God working in their lives.

It's Marriage Mondays ...

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  1. In my interviews with three power couples, I found that a shared faith was a very important element of the strength of their marriages. It's definitely something that young couples like me and my boyfriend should be thinking more about! Here's the link to the post: